Ninh Binh and its administration and population

–          Ninh Binh province: 1378.1 km²

–          Population: 926,995 people

–          Capital: Ninh Binh City and Tam Diep City

–          Districts: Nho Quan, Gia Vien Hoa Lu, Yen Mo, Yen Khanh, Kim Son

–          Ethnic groups: Kinh, Muong

Ninh Binh is a province in the south of the northern delta, Ninh Binh borders to the central region by impressive mountain ranges of Tam Diep. Ninh Binh shares the administrative border with Ha Nam in the North, Nam Dinh in the East, the East Sea in the Southeast, Thanh Hoa in the West and Southwest, and Hoa Binh in the Northwest.

With over 1,400km2 of natural area, Ninh Binh has forests, sea and a diverse system of fauna and flora. Ninh Binh topography encompasses plains and the mountains of the Vietnam northwest mountain range. Ninh Binh also keeps a strategic position for military security and social development. Here, troops were usually rallied on their way to the north or south of Vietnam, creating famous victories in Vietnamese national history.

The climate of the region’s climate it the Red River Delta. The average annual temperature is 23.4 º C. Weather in the year divided into two specific seasons dry season and rainy season.

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